A key to self-motivation (or how to stop being lazy)

Most people would agree they can be lazy sometimes. However is it really laziness or can it be lack of motivation and enthusiasm? Anthony Robbins suggests that “people are not lazy, they simply have impotent goals. Goals that do not inspire them.” 

I strongly agree with the statement and I propose 5 rules one should follow to get motivated:

  • Setting goals in the #1 rule for self-motivation. Think about what you want to achieve and why you have to work hard. You should consider big goals. Don’t be afraid to dream (as long as you are not dreaming all day long while being a couch potato).
  • Sometimes we can not differentiate laziness from tiredness and lack of sleep. In this case, you have to give yourself enough rest. Make sure to manage your time properly and to sleep long enough to feel energetic.
  • Try to surround yourself with people who inspire you. Everybody needs support, there is nothing wrong about that. Be around people who can motivate you to work harder, talk to people who can teach you something. That’s how you improve yourself, that’s how you grow.
  • Be positive! Have you noticed that you usually procrastinate when you are feeling down? Stay optimistic and don’t focus on problems. The research shows that people can work 12% more productive when they feel happy.
  • Reward yourself, you deserve it. It is easier to work if you know you will get some special treat at the end.  Learn more about different ways to treat yourself.







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  1. Love this post – we need more people spreading motivation and positivity! This is an amazing blog… keep up the great work.

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